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michelle du jat

Even as a fashion industry insider there have been times when I’ve needed help regrouping my closet or pulling a look together, this is when I've called Stephen. He has an impeccable sense of style. His services are exactly what I need when my closet needs an edit or freshening. He always knows what a seasonal pop of color can add to a wardrobe or the best ways to store or revamp an old sweater. Formal events are also a nightmare for me. I dress very casually, my day to day clothing dna is a pair of back or blue jeans. So for an evening occasion Stephen has been able to dress me in a look that captures my laidback personality. He’s helped me nail a glam evening that is still true to my personal style.

christine presti

Working with Stephen Hernandez was an enlightening and delightful experience...far surpassing my expectations. When I reached out, I was in need of order and wardrobe assessment, and he delivered on that and much more for me. The satisfaction of an overdue purge, coupled with the thrill of reinventing old looks, leaves you feeling so refreshed and appreciative. Who knew one could have a new found appreciation for something that’s been in their closet for years?! A tired look became instantly on trend, with his expert guidance and creativity. His instincts to pair an ensemble are fascinating. For a girl who adores to shop this was a whole new ‘cost saving’ high! His passionate approach and uplifting personality is what makes the whole experience even further enjoyable. He had a natural ability to make you feel like a million dollars without having to spend it, and that is priceless. I highly recommend this creative style genius. It will be your best decision of the year.

diana furelli

I’ve been using Stephen for Styling for YEARS! He has been a lifesaver. Besides his everyday advice on clothes, accessories etc, it was during my pregnancies that he was most amazing! I’m a mother of two boys, 5 and 1. During each pregnancy I had events to go to and afterwards I had the two Christenings that i needed to be dressed for. It seemed like a nightmare until Stephen stepped in. We discussed what my needs were, what i wanted to look like, and how much i was willing to spend. In ALL cases, I picked out the first dresses he picked out. He anticipated my taste, my flaws, my hopes, and my dislikes! I feel so comfortable yet so chic when Stephen dresses me for these Special events. I think his secret is seeing what you want and need before you even see it yourself.

gina pollock

My sister got married last year and I needed clothing for the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and finally the wedding. I found the task of coordinating all of these outfits with accompanying shoes, handbags and jewelry to be overwhelming. I reached out to Stephen for help, which was the best decision I could have made.  Stephen took all the "work" out of shopping and made it a fun and manageable experience for both me and my budget. He helped select accessories and shoes that instantly became a MUST HAVE staple in my wardrobe.  He was able to work around my busy schedule by emailing me his selections.  Many times all I had to do was Add to Cart and hit Submit.  Stephen has a true sense of style and knows what looks good on you and your body type. His natural ability of selecting apparel that accent your best features leaves your feeling beautiful and confident. 

angela kats

I have called upon Stephen Hernandez for styling services many times.  Either for a special occasion or a closet refresh, in every instance his services were beyond my expectations.
I moved out of an apartment I had lived in for 12 years where I was harboring a collection of boxy oxfords shirts, worn out flats and more asymmetrical tank tops than I could count.  He edited through my wardrobe helping me select what to keep, what to repair, and what to donate.  I moved into a new home with a fresh collection and no extra baggage in tow.
My wedding. Once I had picked the major items, he styled my jewelry, shoes and accessories to compliment my dress. She also styled my bridesmaids accessories which I gave to them as their gifts.  He kept in mind each girls personal style and personality, selecting items they would love, feel comfortable in, and wear again.  I checked off two items on the list with one person ! 
And then, the job change.  After a decade in the corporate world where pencil skirts and blouses were the daily uniform I moved to a start up where jeans and sweaters were the preferred wardrobe.  We reviewed my existing and he helped me repurpose what I had to suit my new environment. This not only saved me a ton of money but helped me purge some of the dated items in my closet that were only taking up space.
Whether a life style change or a wardrobe refresh, Stephen takes a tactical approach combined with a stylish hand to transform your existing wares into a collection that makes you feel current, confident and beautiful.  I highly recommend him.

jennifer du jat

I had a super fashion challenge that I desperately needed help with, and Stephen really saved the day. My partner and I decided to have a intimate wedding ceremony, but there were several obstacles. 1) The wedding was to be in 3 weeks
2) It was a City Hall wedding which really has such a range of what could be worn. I knew I wanted a classic look, but not a big bride's dress. 3) I wanted something age appropriate. 4) It was in February, so it needed to be weather appropriate 5) I was 8 months pregnant! All I had to do was send Stephen some pictures of what I liked on other women and it only took 2 hours of shopping to get everything from the dress, the shoes, accessories, and a beautiful wool coat that looked fabulous for our outside photos. I cannot tell you how many compliments I received and best of all, I felt beautiful on that special day despite my size. I am completely grateful for the services, and would hire him again in a heartbeat. 

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