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Accessories are a MUST! Whether they are the lightest drop of something on an ear or layers and layers of the boldest necklaces around your neck, accessories complete an outfit.

Everything from the shoe to the bag to the earring to the belt. So often it is the accessory that can transform a look and truly pull it together! 

Creating an accessory collection works hand in hand with your wardrobe. In fact a such a simple thing as a belt can transform an outfit and give it that beautiful touch that takes you to that next level of sophistication.

This process happens organically. It’s about you; what your lifestyle is and what statement you want to make. You may be a person living in jeans and sweaters and need a way to elevate that look for your daily life. 

Or, you can have a closet full of work suits that you need to add a punch to or possibly “revive”!

Building and accessory wardrobe is as essential as building a clothing wardrobe. 

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